Kubernetes Security: Don’t Get Attached to Your Attachment!
There are different attachment methods to secure Kubernetes -
- API (often called “Agentless”)
- Host agent (today’s trend is eBPF)
- Application-level agent (can be sidecar or agent inside the application/process).
There is no right and wrong! Each attachment option gives you different capabilities and It's important to understand the pros and cons of each one and to choose wisely which one to use when protecting your attachment method. In this webinar, Amir Kaushansky, ARMO VP Product, will go through the different options and shed some light.

About the speaker:

Amir Kaushanksy

Amir Kaushansky
VP Product

Amir Kaushansky is an innovative and creative technology leader with 20+ years in all the areas of product life cycle: Product Management, Business Development, Technical Services , Quality Assurance, IT and Software Engineering. He excels in bridging technical and business worlds, excellent communication skills and interpersonal relationships with peers, customers and suppliers and has a proven track record in development and deployment of complex products and solutions, especially in the field of cybersecurity.

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